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Hot Stone Yoga


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Inside of Miyako Hybrid Hotel
21381 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501







深い呼吸と動きによって、岩盤の石から放出さ れるミネラル、マイナスイオンを全身で吸収することができます。また、ヨガの深い呼吸が精神面を安定させ岩盤浴で身体の中を浄化する、心と身体のデトック スが期待できます。


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What is HOT Stone Yoga


Hot Stone Yoga uses the movements and breathing techniques of yoga in a lesson room lined with Relaken’s own SEG stones, which bring the benefits of heat, in a special menu. Special breathing techniques enable the minerals and negative ions released from the stones to be easily absorbed into the body.


for more info, please visit RELAKEN


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