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About :



& Instructor SHINO


Shino was first introduced to yoga when she was going to university in Tokyo.

She fell in love with yoga immediately.  

Many years later in 2012, She signed up for 200-hour Hatha teacher training certification program in Los Angeles.

Following year she took another 300-hour TT in Ashtanga Yoga.

She has been teaching and continuing her education ever since.


As she practices yoga, she noticed a physical and mental change.

She felt peace and calm both on her mind and in her heart.

She loves to share the transformative power of yoga with others.

Her love of yoga comes from gratitude of all the surrounding people.


I can help you:


Develop breath awareness

Increase flexibility and strength

Understand what your body needs

Calm your mind

Lead a healthier life


Open Heart

Find peace in yourself, mentally and physically and spiritually.


In yoga the mind stays present by focusing on the breath and feeling each movement with complete awareness.

The goal is to live in the present moment.

Give attention to yourself, to your body and your mind and to be content with whom we are in that moment!

Everyday your yoga practice can feel different. Get to know yourself better by practicing yoga.




人にHappyを与えられるような仕事がしたいという思いからヨガのインストラクターになるこ とを決意。
ヨガを通して、一人でも多くの人が気持ちよく、そしてHappyになってもらえたら嬉しいで す。
人にはそれぞれのペースがあり、生き方、進み方も異なり個性があります。 身体も同じように人それぞれの個性があります。



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